3 Reasons To Choose Document Management

Document Management

When regulating your documents, you'll find that paper everywhere just doesn't cut it. Many offices choose document management as a way to monitor and automate their document processes. There are fundamental benefits to document management that help you overcome many technical, financial and operational barriers.

1. Version Control

When working with paper, version control is tricky. It's easy to misplace your latest version or get them confused. With document management, you eliminate the confusion because of built-in version control. You can see each and every version through a full document history and keep tabs on who made which changes.

2. Increased Security

Every company and human resources department have sensitive or confidential documents of some kind. With paper, you risk these walking off. With document management, you have peace of mind knowing that the documents can only be accessed by those who have permission. Every document is traceable through audit trails, so if there is ever a question about who's accessed the document, you have a full report.

3. Reliable Backups

In the case of a disaster, you know your documents are safe with document management. Traditional document practices encourage saving documents on local computers and file shares. With this method, there is limited security in case of disaster. With document management, you have a reliable backup solution in place to meet regulatory requirements and be prepared for any circumstance. All documents and records are in a centralized location and are easily retrievable.

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