Equitrac Enhances Document Accounting Offering for the Office, Educations, and Legal Markets

Equitrac's document accounting systems product line continues to evolve. In its latest announcement, the company is in a solid position to maintain a market leadership role for cost recovery applications (e.g., legal and other professional services) and to take advantage of the problem of unmanaged document costs and pay-for-copy/print opportunities. Equitrac has done well in the established cost recovery markets and has shown signs of success for document accounting in the emerging general office and education markets. Keys for future success lie in: 
  • A growing market interest in tracking hardcopy usage. Many organizations are beginning to recognize the high costs associated with producing documents on paper. If left unmanaged and untracked, document costs can spiral out of control. Equitrac technology helps identify excessive costs or waste associated with copying and printing so that organizations can better manage and/or reduce the costs of producing hardcopy documents.
  • Ongoing product evolution. Equitrac continues to add several new or enhanced features to its document accounting system software to bring greater cost efficiencies for the office, education, and professional services markets. 
  • Embedded technology developments. Equitrac has partnered with several hardcopy market leaders including Canon, eCopy, EFI, HP, Ricoh Sharp, and Xerox to develop embedded Equitrac solutions for these vendors' products. 
  • Building on a market leadership position. Equitrac has an established market leadership role in the cost recovery market. As an example, most of the top U.S. law firms use Equitrac technology. Additionally, the company claims an impressive base of more than 10,000 customers worldwide.