Fujitsu Limited Launches New Contact-Less ScanSnap Scanner

By Lisa Reider, BLI Senior Product Editor, Scanners and Environmental

The latest offering out of Fujitsu’s R&D department is the ScanSnap SV600, an overhead scanning solution that captures images without contact. The overhead-mounted cameras scan images from 1" x 1" to 11.8" x 17". The device automatically recognizes when pages are turned while scanning books or magazines, for example, to help move the capture process along. The multi-crop feature allows multiple documents within the scan area, such as business cards, to be scanned, cropped and saved as individual images. And according to the company, scans can be initiated at the touch of a button. As with some other ScanSnap scanners, the unit comes with ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Organizer, Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop. Adobe Acrobat, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap, CardMinder and the Easy Book Creation utility are also included.

According to the company, the unit’s 3D Versatile Imaging technology uses even illumination to capture steady images without interference from ambient light. Additional features include de-skew, auto paper size detection, automatic color detection, book image correction and auto image rotation. The unit has a scan speed of three seconds per A3-size page. The ScanSnap SV600 is available in select European and Asian markets, but currently not in the US market.

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