Up to 40 scans/minute
Manufactured by:
A4 ADF Workgroup Scanner Enhanced for class-best cost performance


  • Best in its class in cost-performance
  • Cut TCO costs with the centralized administration function
  • New ScandAll PRO features to expand your scanning possibilities
  • Generate perfect images with Kofax VRS Professional
  • Enhanced card scanning performance
Now bundled with Kofax VRS 5.0 Professional Kofax VRS: VRS verification and adjustment features generate perfect images every time. The ability to efficiently digitize large volumes of documents dramatically improves scanning productivity. Easy to use. Automated functions remove the need for skilled scanner operators. Automatically rotate documents based on content to present a correctly oriented image Automatically detect color images without having to change scanner settings Output an smoothed image with a solidified background color  Supports the Adrenaline Image Processing Engine (AIPE), which is capable of processing bar codes and so on.